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Are you a Nigeria based business that has a poor visibility in search engines like Google? Do you struggle to consistently generate quality leads for your business? Hoping to build up your image as an authority and generate more leads through search engines like Google? Nivedigital is the best seo company in Lagos, Nigeria that can help you achieve that. And here’s how

Appear in Google Search Result with your business anytime a customer search

As a SEO Company in Lagos, Nigeria with years of experience, we have solutions for you. Our SEO services will allow visitors to visit your page organically and will also help you to make more sales for your product or service.

What is SEO? It’s an acronym that means search engine optimization which is the process of improving the volume of traffic to your website from search engines like Google.

Statistics as shown that, 93% of individuals start their online experience with a search. In this present day and age, a lot of people go to search engines like Google when they are ready to purchase a particular product or service. And those that buy will be totally based on the results on the search engine page.

If your business page doesn’t appear on the top search result of search engines then it’s totally invisible for your ideal customers. Over 57% marketers claim that SEO generates most of their sales. This is because SEO brings more visitors that will convert into customers than any other marketing strategy.

 Paid promotions and email marketing are important for the growth of your business too. But if you are not using SEO into your business growth, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table for your competitors.

Over 81% of people perform an online search before making an online purchase, and also 75% of people never scroll past the first page. 


SEO is the key to your business’s long term growth and success. If you are ready to position your business as an authority within your industry, you need to take a good advantage of SEO here. SEO ranks your website to the top of Google’s search result so that your ideal customers can find your business. As your general search rankings improve over the long run, your organic traffic and income will consistently increase. There are so many reasons SEO is important. Some reasons are:

  • Your website trust is guaranteed when it appears in the top result pages of search engines.
  • SEO can help lift your business over your competitors. For instance if you are selling a common product or service that can be obtained from other websites, the platform that is best optimized will likely make more sales and boost more customers or clients.
  • Users who come across your website will looking for content are likely to share it on their social media handles. This spreads growth of your website and will eventually affect your business positively.
  • Good SEO gives users a comfortable experience when they visit your site.

Search engine users looking for specific contents are more likely to click any of the top 10 suggestions in the search engine result page (SERP). If your website consistently appears as part of the list, you will generate more traffic and conversions or sales.


NIVE DIGITAL is a SEO agency in Nigeria that specializes in helping both small and large business to dominate the search results of their respective industry and also generate organic leads to improve your sales. Internet is growing by the day, and it’s very essential to utilize this digital strategy to grow your business. Paid advertisement may have worked in the past, but time has changed. 

Because using SEO you are going to get free traffic from search engines instead of paying some companies for promotions.

So it’s very necessary to implement this method for the growth of your business. Google penalizes websites that use questionable approaches to achieve ranking. At NIVE DIGITAL, we only follow Google best approved SEO campaign practices.

It’s easier because we are regarded as one of the best seo company in lagos and even in Nigeria


Our SEO process consists of four primary phases which are:

Keyword Research

We identify related keywords to your ideal customers and optimize your website for them. Our strategies rank your website for keywords that are proven to increase search traffic and revenue. As you rank for more keywords over the time your traffic and revenue will increase rapidly.

Technical SEO

We fix any technical and user experience errors holding your website back for ranking on search engines. A proper website structure and user experience is absolutely useful for your SEO success. We’ll optimize for both your users and search engines, so that it can fully rank for your search result.

Content Creation

We publish contents that of high quality and value for your website in your specific industry. A large part of our strategy in SEO Company in Nigeria involves creation of high quality contents on your website and adds credibility to your business brand as well. And also to provide massive value to your readers that gives you a high authority as an expert in your industry.

Link Building

We build high quality and relevant links to your website. To improve its ability to rank on search engines. Link building is important in any SEO strategy. Our building process will secure quality links from related website from your industry. The reason is that, the more quality links you have pointing at your website, the more it will rank on Google search engine results.

We also focus on ON PAGE SEO and OFF PAGE SEO. But what is the meaning of these terms.

ON PAGE SEO refers to the SEO practices you can implement for the content on different pages of a website to enable the optimization for certain keywords. The aspect of these pages that can be optimized include meta titles, heading and sub headings (H1, H2), meta description, body, correctly formatted URLs, images Alt texts, e.t.c

OFF PAGE SEO is all about getting backlinks to your website. Backlinks can be described as references or links from other website to your site. When many websites link to the content on your website, it allows search engines to trust your website as an authority in your subject. Your site ranks better when popular websites link to it on their pages.

All of which come together to create a system that will help your business dominate the search results for industry related keywords. Our full service all inclusively handles all your SEO needs each month. 

Getting SEO expert in Nigeria that will actually do the work and get result are minute but we are sure to provide result or money back no question asked


We will help your business website from scratch to finish for your ranking on Google. Moreover, it is obvious that so many SEO companies out there will also promise full package of their services from scratch to finish. How is our service in SEO Company in Nigeria unique from others?

  1. One important part of SEO is Meta description. We will help to optimize this particular page for your users to see on Google search engine.
  2. Another major benefit is we fully optimize your website speed for your user’s convenience.
  3. We provide 100% customers satisfaction for our clients in different industry and businesses which is our major goal.
  4. We take our time to understand your business and create strategy to meet up to your goals.
  5. We’ve helped a lot of business over the years in which their business growth increased rapidly after we gave them our results.

SEO is the most powerful strategy out there that will help you in bringing prospects and customers that are actively searching for your services to your business.

Let’s look at it in another angle

How did you get to this page? I am very sure you searched for a particular keyword that relate with our services on Google. Keywords like Nigeria SEO in Nigeria or SEO Company in Nigeria and our page came out on the first page of Google for you to view our services. That didn’t occur coincidentally; we used SEO to optimize this page with a particular goal for it to rank on Google’s search results.

We can do similar thing for your business in SEO Company in Nigeria as well.


As SEO Company in lagos,Nigeria, our specialty is helping businesses in Nigeria to rank for keywords that bring their ideal customers to them.

With over years of experience in SEO specifically, we can boldly say we are the authority in this industry. With our years of experience, your business will be able to generate a lot of revenue and sales online. That is why NIVE DIGITAL can deliver a good solution and results for your business. And this can only be determine by the major goals your business website is in need of. We’ve helped countless businesses over the years to improve their traffic, increase their revenues and to increase their sales. All thanks to our strategies that we endure in implementing our service. Those strategies are:

  1. ETHICAL LINK BUILDING: Most SEO Company in Nigeria use private blog networks, which are unethical and leads to some consequences like: Google get you banned from search results because of this. Our link building strategy is purely organic within your chosen industry.

2. QUALITY CONTENT: Our contents go through a strict process before we publish it. We ensure that the contents published are of high value and quality not only about quantity. And also we provide lengthy valued contents which range from 1000 to 3000 words which Google absolutely loves.

3. UNIQUE STRATEGY: Our SEO strategy is unique and different from the various SEO Companies around. We will do research and strategize a plan to specifically rank your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO Service

Our strategies of delivering quality and valued content, and delivering quality backlinks which gives us a good result is what distinguish us from many SEO Companies out there that promises the option to get result. And our works and experience are based on a large number of businesses we have worked on.

The goal is to show the world that implementing SEO in your business is something that will drastically push your business forward. We saw a lot of fake promises that most SEO Company in Nigeria in helping business to make customers.

No, I cannot guarantee first-page ranking on search engines like Google, and it’s essential to be cautious of anyone who claims they can. Search engine rankings are determined by complex algorithms, and many factors influence where a website appears in search results. These factors include the quality of the website’s content, its relevance to search queries, the competitiveness of the keywords, the website’s technical optimization, and the quality and quantity of backlinks, among others.

While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts can improve your website’s visibility in search results, there is no surefire way to guarantee a first-page ranking. Achieving a high ranking typically requires ongoing, ethical SEO practices, a well-structured website, quality content, and a focus on meeting user intent.

Beware of SEO companies or individuals who promise guaranteed first-page rankings, as they may use black-hat techniques that can result in penalties from search engines or provide temporary and unsustainable results. A reputable SEO provider will set realistic expectations and work to improve your website’s overall online presence and visibility over time.

The time it takes to see SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results can vary significantly depending on several factors. Here are some key points to consider:

Website’s Current State: If your website is brand new and has no established online presence, it will generally take longer to see significant results. Established websites with a history of SEO efforts might see results more quickly.

Keyword Competition: The competitiveness of the keywords you’re targeting plays a crucial role. Highly competitive keywords may require more time and effort to rank for, while less competitive ones can yield quicker results.

Content Quality and Quantity: Consistently creating high-quality, relevant content can expedite the SEO process. More content, optimized for search engines, increases the likelihood of ranking for various keywords.

On-Page Optimization: Properly optimizing your website’s on-page elements, including meta tags, headings, and internal linking, can make a significant difference in how quickly you see results.

Backlinks: Building a strong backlink profile is crucial for SEO success. Acquiring quality backlinks takes time, and this can influence when you start seeing positive results.

Technical SEO: Ensuring your website is technically sound and optimized for search engines is essential. Addressing technical issues can lead to quicker improvements in search rankings.

Algorithm Updates: Search engines, particularly Google, frequently update their algorithms. These updates can impact your SEO results. What works today might not work the same way in the future.

Local vs. Global SEO: If your business is primarily local, you might see faster results with local SEO efforts, which focus on ranking in local search results.

Patience and Persistence: SEO is a long-term strategy. It’s not uncommon to see initial improvements in a few months, but substantial results may take six months to a year or more. Consistency and ongoing optimization are key.

You can check it out in your leisure time by checking Google and search for the particular keyword we are targeting. There are so many ways you can achieve this.

If you are offering a service or product that people are looking for, then at that point SEO is for you. Taking consideration that your target customers search for whatever they need on Google, there is a high probability that your potential customers are looking for you.

No, you don’t need to keep paying after we’ve achieved the first page rankings. We however have clients that keep us on retainer to continue monitoring their ranking, especially when competitors increase their SEO activity.

EO (Search Engine Optimization) and Google Ads are distinct digital marketing methods. SEO aims to enhance organic search rankings to attract unpaid traffic, while Google Ads is a paid advertising platform where advertisers bid on keywords to display ads. SEO incurs costs for optimization and content creation but doesn’t involve per-click charges. In contrast, Google Ads follows a pay-per-click model, with immediate results. SEO offers long-term organic visibility, determined by search engine algorithms, while Google Ads provides more control over ad placement and is budget-dependent. The choice between them depends on specific goals, budget, and industry competitiveness.

Our SEO strategy encompasses a range of techniques tailored to your website’s unique needs. We perform in-depth keyword research, optimize on-page elements, create high-quality content, build authoritative backlinks, and ensure technical SEO is top-notch. Local SEO, user experience optimization, and mobile-friendliness are priorities. We integrate social media, monitor progress through analytics, and adapt to algorithm updates. Secure sites, structured data markup, and competitor analysis are also key. These strategies collectively enhance your site’s visibility, user experience, and search engine rankings, ultimately driving more organic traffic and improving your online presence. Ethical and white-hat SEO practices are fundamental to our approach.

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