Social Media Marketing Agency in Nigeria

Let’s handle your facebook and instagram marketing and get leads and customers you are looking for.

No matter the business you are into, we’ve helped a lot of clients generate more leads and customers in their business and we are definitely the best choice for you as well.

What Do You Need?

Our service covers everything you need to achieve fantastic results, including:

1. Extensive audience research

We use Facebook’s audience insights tool, along with your knowledge of your ideal customers to perform extensive audience research. Through this research we can often find previously overlooked high-performing targeting options.

2. Audience creation

Where possible, we use your digital assets to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences that can be targeted. We also create the framework within your ad account for newly engaged audiences to automatically be added to retargeting lists.

3. Ad creation

We use your best images/videos, or source alternatives where necessary, and use our copywriting experience to create a range of high-converting ads.

4. Pixel tracking

We set up all the necessary Pixel tracking within your Facebook ad account and provide your webmaster, or whoever deals with your website, with the code and installation instructions.

4. Location targeting

By researching the area in which you operate, and where most of your customers come from, we establish the best locations to advertise to. This will take into account predicted audience size and the products and services you offer.

Get your marketing to the next level by making use of social media to explore and expand your business. It is said that, almost 75% of people use social media when making a purchase decision.

With our social marketing service, we are available to make you reach your customers on social media.

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